While some marketing organizations still utilize “Call Centers” or “Direct Mailers” our Artificial Intelligence data point servers are scalable to assist with pinpoint accuracy. We can drive consumers based on their purchases of consumer products. Enhanced geofencing enables us to steer consumers to particular sku’s. Retail consumers that are in the vicinity or physically in any of 250,000 grocery stores, 150,000 convenience stores, 50,000 Bodega stores in approximately 80,000 fuel service facilities located in North America.

These services are made available and performed via quantity purchasing at cost points similar to typical deal pricing or promotional considerations established by manufactures when they are seeking to take additional advantage of particular markets, regions or territories.

Specialty pricing enables us to acquire large volume quantities often container load quantities. We inventory and warehouse the products we provide to our national retail customer base. We have been in business for many decades. We feel our primary focus is on sales which we have created a special niche in our industry with the use of the most advanced sales technology available on earth. The results are always the same with higher target sales continuity at a reasonable price point from our manufacturing partners and to Direct Distribution of America.

Direct Distribution of America is the foremost leader in competitive branded sales and promotions with primary offices in Kentucky and Florida. Many decades of experience of specialty sales and marketing to assist fortune 500 companies establish competitive market share branding strategies and distribution. We have partnered for years with prestigious brands such as: Cartier, Estee Lauder, 3M, Calvin Klein, Chesebrough Ponds, Chanel, YSL and most other global luxury brands.

With national sales enhanced by proprietary software utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI), we are in the position to customize brand strategies and guarantee high sales rates via business to consumer (B2C) applications. Channel incentive programs are built strategically to make sure partners are on board and fully motivated to sell. The most successful incentive programs are simple yet engaging, designed to increase your partners’ knowledge – improving performance and loyalty.

Our proven technology has helped many fortune 500 companies achieve special sales and added marketing capabilities as a volume partner and market placement specialty group.

Our strategies not only pertain to established brands and new products but to innovative item roll outs. This is imperative when additional SPLASH is required to gain market share, dominance and create a loyal brand following that will endure for years. We guarantee immediate sales escalations!

We are extremely pleased with the Award-Winning Testimonials from Department Head Office Members and Board of Directors over the years.

Our specialties focus on Consumer Brands, Luxury Global Brands primarily non-perishable goods such as OTC, Foodstuffs, Health and Beauty Aids, Designer Fragrances, Leading Medical Products and Refrigerated Goods.

This is achieved by special sales verticals strategically targeted to consumers via our custom silos by brand category and geographical regions via Non-Beacon and Geofencing.

This technology allows us to guarantee higher sales to new markets, consumers and gain market shares across the board.

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Artificial Intelligence and sales escalators are becoming mainstream for all branded goods and services.